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Legal services for the collection of commercial debts.

You deserve to be paid for work that you have performed.

Narain Legal provides pre-suit, litigation and post-judgment legal services for the collection of commercial debts.

We handle business-related debts only and focus in the area of construction supply and equipment collection and related litigation. We handle both retail and commercial collections in Southeast North Carolina and throughout the state.

Be smart—don’t let your business become distracted from making money, becoming immersed with the frustrating, time-consuming, and often times, fruitless endeavor of internally attempting to collect upon the outstanding debts. Let Narain Legal focus on recovering your debt

- Lucky Narain, Esq.

Our collection lawyers handle collection cases from local, national, and international clients in cases spanning the entire State of North Carolina. Whether we are drafting a commercial demand letter for an international client, collecting a debt in Greensboro, North Carolina, sequestering equipment in Raleigh, North Carolina, or filing a lawsuit to collect unresolved business debts, our firm can and will assist your company in resolving your short and long-term collection goals.

Our commercial collection attorneys understand the changing landscape of collections, local markets and the vital role of technology in streamlining collection efforts for commercial collection clients. We take the time to understand the business requirements, existing information systems, and collection strategies of our business clients and integrate them into our processes and procedures for that client. The result is that the quality of our practices, reporting, and results usually meet or exceed the expectations of the client.

Our construction supply and equipment collections lawyers will preserve the reputation your company has worked so hard to establish over the years while collecting the money that you need now. Our construction supply and equipment collections attorneys have developed a collection system involving a pre-litigation, litigation, and post-litigation plans for our clients ranging across a broad spectrum of commercial collections. Our firm has experience in enforcing judgments by garnishments, attachments, replevins, writs of attachment, and other post-judgment remedies.

We aggressively pursue the collection of debt in a professional manner, seeking to maximize recoveries for our clients. When a commercial customer fails to pay your business for goods or services rendered in North Carolina, our attorneys stand ready to assist your company in the collecting money that rightfully belongs to you. Our Commercial Collections lawyers know that business debts are best treated immediately before the debtor has a chance to dissipate assets or file for bankruptcy protection. They also know that rather than driving a debtor company to bankruptcy and potentially recovering nothing, it is better to keep your clients in business if it looks like they will turn the corner. Our lawyers have the experience necessary to discern the difference in this tough economy. With guidelines established taking into account our clients long-term and short-term collection objectives, we custom fit the way we handle our clients' cases.

If your company is having a business related collection problem, or if you have any questions you would like to discuss about our collection litigation practice contact us for an initial consultation now by calling 910-763-7420 or email us at for a free initial consultation regarding your potential case.

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